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What is a Riad?


A riad is a traditional house or palace with an interior courtyard, typically with a garden. The living quarters surround the four sides of the courtyard creating a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets. You will often find citrus fruit trees and jasmine in the garden to provide shade, sweet scents, and fruit for the home. Fountains are a central feature soothing the spirit with the sound of running water and creating natural air-conditioning during the heat

of summer.


Do I need a passport or/and visa to enter Morocco?


A valid passport for the duration of your stay is required for all. Visas are not required by the citizens of following countries: UK, European Union (EU), Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Iceland, Indonesia, Republic of Korea (South), Kuwait, Libya, Liechtenstein, Mali, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Niger, Norway, Oman, Peru, The Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Those holding passports issued by any other country WILL need a visa. This information is our latest understanding of visa requirements for Morocco. Contact your relevant embassy directly for further information.


How do I get to Essaouira?


Essaouira has an international airport with direct flights from London, Paris and Marseille. Marrakech airport is the second nearest for Essaouira. Most people get to Essaouira by bus since there is no train station. There is a direct daily bus traveling from Casablanca to Essaouira, which takes about 6 hours. Buses from Marrakech take about 2.5 hours and several companies travel this route. Please let us know if you need any help with planning your transport.







Which clothes should I take?


Morocco is a Muslim country and although Essaouira is more relaxed than other cities, you may want to follow a more modest dresscode. Essaouira is a laid-back seaside town, so it’s fine to wear swimwear and summer clothes on the beach. When walking around the medina however, you’ll probably feel more comfortable if you cover up and wear a t-shirt (as opposed to a strappy top) and trousers or a skirt (as opposed to shorts). It can get windy and cooler in the evenings, so take a jumper or jacket with you. A scarf or wrap is a great item to cover up during the day and to keep you warm in the evenings. Finally, there are secluded sunbathing spots on Riad Kafila’s terrace, where you will be comfortable in summer clothing more typical of a Western country.

What is the best currency to take?
Moroccan dirham (MAD) is the primary currency in Morocco. You can withdraw dirham from cash machines at the airport, and there are several cash machines in Marrakech, Agadir, and Essaouira as well. You can also exchange Euros or Pounds at banks, and in some places you can pay with Euros, although this is not the most cost-effective option. Some restaurants take credit cards.
Are there any cash machines in Essaouira?
Yes, there are several cash machines and banks in Essaouira where you can withdraw and
change money.
Is this a good place for families with children?
Morocco has a very child-friendly culture. We enjoy welcoming children at Riad Kafila. We don’t have big rooms but we can add a cot for babies and smaller children. We are also happy to organize baby-sitting and activities for the children.
How long in advance do we need to let you know if we’d like to have dinner at the riad?

Please let us know at least one day in advance, if you’d like lunch and/or dinner at the riad. Don’t forget to mention if you have any particular dietary requirements.

Is there Wi-Fi acces in Riad Kafila?
Free WiFi access is available in all areas so you can check your emails and update your Facebook-status with a nice picture from the gorgeous sunset taken at our terrace. Don’t forget to tag us!

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